Our Vision

Most of us remember the days when our grandparents told us not to throw anything away.  Well, most of us didn’t listen, but fortunately they saved their cherished belongings anyway in hopes that future generations would one day appreciate them.  Those that we loved wanted to teach us a valuable lesson, and that lesson is that all things created have a value and a purpose.

Our unique store welcomes you to feel like you are at home, and maybe it’s your childhood home that comes to mind as you visit and shop, or maybe it’s the Pinterest project that we can help you create.  Inside our store, you will find things for both your home and life.  We make every effort to support local vendors by sharing our space with artists, crafters, antique collectors, and treasure hunters.  We believe in supporting the local economy and families that live within our community whenever possible.  You will discover local artists and items made with love as well as  things rescued and repurposed that give each item new life and a continued history.  Should you decide to make a purchase, know that you are spending differently. Many of our items have a story and a history, so please feel free to ask! And when we say “thank you”, know that it is with our deepest gratitude that we feel for having you as our guest.